Peel-Away Map Tattoo

This amazing tattoo makes you just want to reach out and peel this poor guy's skin off. The shadow work is really impressive. Wonder where he's hiding the treasure?

The Leap Tattoo

The Leap

The detail and shading on this piece are amazing. I didn't know tattoo ink could produce so many different shading gradients. This guy must have been under the needle for at least 24 hours. Was it worth it?

Super amazing 3D tattoos. Incredible!

Zombies Tattoo

Kirt Silver “Color Bomb” Tattoo Contest Finalists

Cool Venom Tattoo

#15 Missing piece

Underneath the puzzle pieces of skin on this person's body are fish scales! Is this a statement about evolution, or a statement about hallucinogenic drugs?

Dead Crow Tattoo

Realistic Tattoos Zombie Face

REALLY? Awesome 3D Tattoos!

Hawaiian Tattoo