Hot Celtic Tattoo Designs For Strong, Bold Men and Feminine, Sexy Women

                    One of the hottest and fastest growing trends in tattoo designs are Celtic tattoos. They have been around for a long time however more recently they have grown in popularity. Their bold lines and deeply symbolic themes make for n idea tattoo combination. They can be done as rather large designs or scaled down to fit in a smaller area. The bold and strong lines often work very well from a distance. Typically one will find Celtic crosses and other patterns that feature traditional knotwork. However, there are other styles out there. If you are considering a Celtic tattoo you should know all of the different design options that you have.

Tree Of Life Tattoo Designs

The tree of life is a thoroughly Celtic symbol that can been seen throughout the illuminated works of art and in just about every type Celtic design. Many of the ancients held trees as at the center of their worship. They often envisioned trees as images of a mother that give life and sustenance. For the Celtic people the tree was thought of as the center of the world or cosmos. It had its roots going deep into the earth and the lower realms while the branches would reach up into the heavens and the spiritual world above. Thus the tree of life has become a strong symbol for balance and harmony. It is a symbol for life, solidarity and balance.

Knotwork Tattoos

Of course this is the most common form of Celtic artwork that is typically used today in tattoo designs. It of course was used throughout the Celtic artwork and especially in illuminated texts. The lines being interwoven form a spiritual path that can be followed much like a maze.

Step Pattern Tattoo Designs

Step patterns are really just spiral patterns and thought to represent the same things symbolically. A step pattern is a series of straight lines that are bumped up next to each other and turn around on each other at right angles. These also form a maze of sorts which you start from the outside and then follow to the center. At the center is where the Haven and Earth and joined together. Again is represents a spiritual journey.

Spiral Pattern Tattoos

The Celtic people and artists loved spiral patterns. They were never ending series of lines that would wrap back into themselves creating a never ending pattern. Again it was seen as part of a spiritual journey. They of course would represent this journey in the lines but also the artists who would create these intricate and beautiful patterns were going through this spiritual journey by making the spiral patters. These are typically done in a series of three of a multiple of three. The Celtics believed that all important things in life came in threes: such as birth, death and rebirth or the body, should and the mind. The Celtic believed that this represented a never ending cycle that kept returning back into itself.

Tree Tattoo

                     Among the artistic involvement that we find ourselves in, as we look for beauty, are the tattoos. They refer to the permanent designs patterns that are inscribed on one's body for beautification purposes. In most cases the designs are symbolic and the person bearing them attaches a particular meaning to them.

Tree tattoos are not a new phenomenon and they carry with them the theme of new life after a season of barrenness and desolation. In life events, the design could be symbolic of rejuvenation after periods of being discouraged and beaten by life. Whenever you look at it, it will remind you that good things are yet to come.

In different cultures, the tree has varied importance. In Asia for example, the tree tattoo would signify one's personal desire for actualization and achievement. In Scandinavia, it is a representation of the center of both the visible and invisible worlds. According to the Celtic beliefs, it shows the connection between the humans and the plants.

However, just like some earrings or necklaces have no symbolic attachment to the owners, a tree tattoo is sometimes made just for the sake of its beauty or for its aesthetic value. It becomes a design that is just picked on by chance, just like you would pick on a star or anything else on the face of the universe. If you look through the Internet, you are bound to learn more about these artistic designs and you will be able make an informed choice when going for one.

Design Options for Your Next Tattoo

                     So you are thinking about getting your first cute tattoo or you are contemplating adding to the already extensive ink job you have. That's awesome. But before you fully commit to your next design, check out these cute tattoo designs for girls.

Wings on the back - Over the past ten years or so, the wing tattoo on girl's backs has become a very popular option. It is definitely a cute tattoo design for girls, but it also allows some variation depending on the kind of person you are. A popular design is angel wings. It's more of a classy option for this tattoo and looks really cool. However, if angels aren't your thing, go with some demon of devil wings. Perhaps you have a little more of a wild side, well then this tattoo could be for you. Or if you are torn on which set to go with, why not one of both? If done right this could look really cool on girls. A little saint with a little sinner. The best of both worlds.

Vines and foliage - Vines and other kind of greenery look really cute on girls if they are done correct. It could be a cute design for a girl to maybe have vines climbing up a leg or an arm. This could work on many different levels so experiment around and figure out something that works for you.

Trees - Nature themed tattoos, like the vines mentioned above, have become very popular cute tattoo designs for girls lately. I have seen some really cute tree tattoos in the past few years. One of the coolest ones was on a girl who had a tree on her inner wrist and the roots of the tree extended down and wrapped all around her arm. It was a pretty bold tattoo, but awesome non-the-less.

Praying hands - For girls whose faith plays a strong part in their lives, the image praying hands is allows a classy cute tattoo option. It shows reverence and respect and can be really cool. But as cool as it is, it has been done a lot, so perhaps tweak yours a bit to make it a little more original and yours.

Portraits - Perhaps you have lost someone close to you, or you want to capture the image of your first child. Whatever the reason may be, a portrait tattoo is always a great option for your next ink job. It can be really special to make this commitment to someone you love and perhaps miss. However, this can be a huge gamble if the artists skills are sub-par. So before sitting in the chair and hearing the buzz of the tattoo gun, make sure you of confident in the skills of the artist. Because nothing would be worse than the image of your daughter coming out looking more like a troll.